SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is designed to simply tell you is plain english what is right, wrong or inconsistent with your website. You may be frustrated that your efforts so far have not been achieving the expected results or you may of even seen a sudden drop in rankings or traffic. This is where the Ameva Digital SEO audit will get to the root of any problems.

What Is In The SEO Audit

Our SEO Audit is constantly evolving, however there are several hundred key points which we will check and base our recommendations upon our findings. We will be checking not only what you have been doing on your website but also what has been happening away from your website (offsite SEO).

Unlike some SEO Audits you may of seen or heard about lets be perfectly clear that the Ameva SEO Audit is an in-depth search through your website and offsite to pick up on any issues that have occurred.  It is a painstaking process, but one that always pays dividends in the end.

Just some of the things we do in our website audit are:

  • Uncover any unethical activity (and give recommends for a fix)
  • Audit all of your websites link, inbound and outbound
  • Full test of your websites overall performance
  • Check Sites Navigation
  • Check Content
  • Search for coding errors

Once we have completed our checks we will then be able to write up our recommendations in plain English without any technical jargon. The digital world can appear extremely intimidating, however we are here to simply make your life easier and do everything we can to ensure that you get a return on your online efforts.

You will find the quality of the report provided by Ameva Digital is second to none. We are extrememly well versed in SEO and you can be assured that an SEO Audit from us is compiled while taking into account the latest in search marketing best practices.