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To have an effective Local SEO campaign there are many elements that require a lot of work undertaken. These areas include your own website, your online listings and reviews, backlinks and much more.
You may well of attempted to do your Local SEO yourself, tried an SEO company that has not achieved the results you were hoping for, or you might well of not yet realised the power of Local SEO for your business. In laymans terms that is harness the power of local search to improve your visibility on the local map and get more enquiries coming in.


There Is More To Local SEO Than You May Think – We Are Here To Help

Local SEO delivered effectively requires a considerable amount of work. Much of this is one-time and when all this is in place we move on to the next stage which provides the bigger results but requires ongoing attention to maintain positions.

We explain below exactly what we do to help boost your Local SEO rankings.


First Stage One-Off Tasks

With Local SEO you need to ensure that you can walk before tryng to run. Laying well placed foundations is key to delivering a successful campaign. Below is a guideline to what we will be doing for your companies local search efforts.

Optimisation Of Your Google Places Page

First and foremost we analyse and ensure that your Google Places page is correctly optimised, issue free and most importantly actually appeals to your customer. While this might seem obvious it is actually one of the most important steps. You cannot build a long lasting house on weak foundations.

Citation Analysis, Cleaning And Building

Google ‘expects’ to find businesses on certain sites, if they cannot find you then in these places they may decide you do not deserve to rank. We ensure that we build the listings in the places you are not and correct those listings that are incorrect.

Parent Website Audit And Optimisation

One task which is time consuming but a one off task is a full website audit that consists of hundreds of items. We produce a report with our recommendations for technical fixes/changes. We will go through the changes with you and explain why they are required. Once you have approved the changes we can either do them for you or work with your web designers / IT people to get them in place.

Ongoing Work Higher Return Work

The above tasks were all one off and set in place the building blocks to make the following steps much more effective.
The following procedures are what will really make your business stand out in a crowd compared to your competiton.

Content Creation And Curation

Content is the real heart of a website and the chances are you do not have enough of it to fully impress Google and your potential customers. You may well need more pages, more focus placed upon your pages or simply more detail placed on the pages that you do have. Our experts will help you create the content that you need that propelry showcases your business in the best possible light. We produce the content and before we publish it we get it run past you first to ensure everything is factually correct.

Backlink Research

Getting links from other respected websites is an affirmation to Google that your website is repsected in its own right and will aid you in your search rankings. However finding sources of good quality relevant links is a painstaking task. When we do our link research we are looking for high value opportunities that will bring value to your business.

Noteworthy Content Creation

It is quite common that in order to gain a link from certain sources we would need to create noteworthy content in order to gain such links. When we do this we will liase with you for your industry knowledge to ensure that the content that is created will be well recieved and industry related sources would want to share and distribute that content.


Reviews are one element which people can use to judge the competence of your company compared with others. Getting good reviews are often a challenge as people tend to use them simply to vent frustrations when they are not happy with something. However we will work with you to develop a startegy to get maximum positive reviews from your customers on all the websites that matter.

Local SEO Services

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