Backlink Audit And Unnatural Link Removal

You may or may not be aware that links that point to pages within your website have a major effect on how well your website is positioned amongst the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

Many people spend a great deal of time and money optimising their websites and creating amazing link profiles. However backlink monitoring is essential whether you have actively built links to your website or not. Sometimes the smallest of issues can be instrumental in crushing a successful website.

Understanding Link Profiles

If you employ an SEO agency then you should ensure that they are monitoring your backlink profile. Therefore it is good practice for you to understand how backlinks work yourself as by understanding the theory you will also see the value of quality link building.

Aside from building links we do however monitor link profiles and attempt to remove / disavow (tell the search engines to ignore) bad links that may appear. What you should remember is that others might link to you where on rare occassions you really dont want a link. Where possible we ask webmasters to remove these links and where there is no repsonse we then disavow the links.

Googles algorithms are very advanced and are getting more acurate week on week. Back in 2012 they launched an algorithm update codenamed “Penguin”. The aim of this update was to hunt out and penalise websites which have been using links which had been specifically created to help a website gain an advantage on its rankings within the search results.

While at the time many SEO’s thought that their world was imploding it has actually helped the search marketing world in a great way. It has forced anyone working in the search marketing space to up their game and ensure that only quality content which equals quality links is being used.

Because of these factors it is now so important to have an accute awareness of your inbound and outbound link profiles. Regular housekeeping of links is essential otherwise you will find that potentially bad links will slip through the net.

When you use Ameva Digital our team use a variety of methods and tools to analyse your entire backlink profile. We use industry standard scales as well as our own metrics to mark these links through manual review. New links are reported and we will also let you know of any that may have been removed because of any potentially damaging effect. As we have mentioned before we outreach to webmasters to attempt to get links removed as well as converse with Google when we have no response.

Remember it is far easier to prevent a search engine penalty than it is to fix one. Rigorous link checking is just all part of Ameva Digitals SEO Services.