Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimisation is far more than just understanding the search engines – It is all about understanding the people behind the keyboards and providing them the information that they are looking to find when they enter their search query. In order for you take advantage of natural search engine traffic your SEO Strategy needs to place your website in the correct positioning for your customers searching for your products and services

The SEO Agency That Doesn’t Sit Still

The search engine landscape changes at an extremely rapid rate. However, there is one factor that for the last few years or so has been a constant requirement (and in our opinion will be forever more) and that is the quality of the work produced in your SEO campaigns.

With Search Engine Optimisation services from quality SEO providers (like us here at Ameva Digital) you can be assured that the services that you receive are some of the best in the industry. The key for us it to help you provide value to your customers which in turn will provide value to your website and of course your business.

We believe that to keep on producing excellent results an SEO Agency and its staff needs to be fully up to date with the latest factors in which affect the search engine landscape. We dedicate a great deal of our time to learning and sharing lessons learned and thoughts for the future of search. Whether that be attending the various conferences around the UK (and the rest of the world) or producing white papers and blog posts on the Ameva Digital SEO Blog that provide value to our peers in the search industry or our clients.

We are passionate about business and more so about proving the sheer magnitude of the power of digital marketing to our clients and take great pride in seeing clients past and present reap the benefits of a well-planned digital marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency

Search Strategy

Ameva Digital is an SEO agency which combines an in depth knowledge of Google and other search engines with a detailed understanding of your customers’ requirements enabling us to create a strategy that will increase your visibility but also enable us to help you ensure your website engages these potential customers and helps you to convert these visitors into paying customers.

Each and every strategy is created bespoke for each client. Our strategies are developed to get our clients the biggest increase in performance in the shortest possible time. All the while we work towards long term goals while capitalising on the smaller wins along the way.


Technical SEO aspects are more important now than they ever have been before. A critical part of any SEO campaign is to ensure that the search engines can easily find, index and appreciate the value of your content. The first piece in all of our SEO strategies is to conduct a full SEO Audit of all of your internet assets and produce a report which will then act upon. Of course on site SEO is not everything. We also do a full Backlink Audit and removal of bad links where necessary.

We like to ensure that our clients understand where we are at any given time so we will produce for you a workflow document so you can track what we have been and will be doing over time.

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Doing SEO The Ameva Digital Way

What many people do not understand is that there are over 200 factors that are taken into account by Google when deciding upon ranking websites. Because of this we create bespoke SEO strategies that will not reply on just a few elements in the hope of achieving the desired web rankings simply by manipulating the algorithm. We work to create longevity in your brand through engagement and overall reputation. There are many different aspects which may needed to be taken into account much as Mobile SEO or you may require a more Local SEO style strategy.

We work on the fine art of balancing technical know-how with creativity to give you search engine visibility that will last through any algorithm updates or penalty factors. What we are most proud of here at Ameva is that we have a human face behind the technological front. We are always approachable and will do our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Transparency about what we are doing is key to our success and we love to educate as well as deliver on our services.


Google likes to see businesses and websites that are “Alive”. It doesn’t matter how well targeted your pages are or how many links you have, if you’re actively engaging with your customers then your search engine visibility will suffer.

Engagement can be measured by many means. Of course you can add in the human interface of Social Media, but there is more that needs to be considered. You need to ensure that the content on your website is not only up to date but is engaging for the customers to read and the website provides an excellent UX (User Experience). Here at Ameva Digital we are not web designers (well you wouldn’t trust a plumber with your taxes would you!!) but get in touch and we can recommend some excellent web designers who we work closely with.


In this day and age Google sees popularity as an important factor in deciding which websites to show for any given search term. Google will measure popularity in many different ways. The most common forms of popularity measurements are done by links to your website, social shares and mentions of your brand name throughout the web. The key to a successful SEO strategy is to decide how we can effectively influence all of the deciding elements in order to make your website Popular with both your potential target market and with the search engines.

We go the extra mile to truly understand your potential audience and what they would like to see from a website offering your products or services. We combine top quality content, digital PR, creative elements and social media marketing skills along with collected data to create a campaign that does not focus on numbers of links but on gaining links that will drive genuine relevant traffic to your website which in turn will lower your bounce rate because your website will be providing the answer to their questions.