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Google Adwords is possibly the most well known medium for paid traffic. The reason for this is that now over 65% of all searches are conducted through Google and for each and every search there is an opportunity to display an ad for your business. This page will explain how we can use Google Adwords to benefit your business.

Pin Point Targeted Traffic For Improved ROI

Because Google Adwords is designed for you to advertise your website to people entering certain search terms (Keywords) you can ensure that your ads only appear to an audience you know are relevant to your searches. Adwords can work out to be an extremely effective advertising platform, but only if the campaigns are set up correctly. The slightest mistake can lead to costly ad spends with little to no return.

If you have used Google Adwords before then you will know that setting up a campaign is relatively easy, however getting the most out of it and keeping costs to a minimum requires professionally managed and optimised campaign. There are so many factors that need to be taken into account when it comes to Google Adwords optimisation that you need a Google Adwords management service that you can trust. At Ameva Digital we deliver the campaigns that tick all the boxes and provide you with highly targeted traffic while keeping your costs to a minimum.

A Google Adwords Management Service That Works For You

At Ameva Digital we work hard to ensure that you get the most out of your Google Adwords campaign. We are constantly testing and tweaking campaigns to get every extra percentage possible out of your campaign. We always go that extra mile to ensure that your ads are running well and that the customers are being driven to a relevant page which is optimised to not only convert but also to keep your costs per click to a minimum.

Generally our clients are in one of two circumstances. The first being that they already have some ads running on Google but they feel that they could be paying to much and not getting enough ROI from the adverts. The other is that they may never of used adwords before and want to set up a campaign to get your brand directly into the eyes of the customers.

Why Is Using Ameva Digital The Right Choice For Your Adwords PPC Campaign

We are acutely aware that digital marketing can be confusing to those not directly involved with it. You will want to see how your spend is working for you. Because of this you need to pick an agency that is right for you. Our PPC team members are all Google Adwords qualified professionals, this means that you can rest assured that they will be working in a way that is recommended by Googles guidelines. Our professionals put the time and effort into your campaigns that will ensure that you see the best results possible from them.

Our team are experts in creating ads that are highly optimised and pin point targeted to ensure that they are placed in front of the right people. This will ensure that CTR (click through rate) is of a good level and the page is going to answer the questions that the searcher was looking for. You can rest assured that when we work with you, you will have a team working to ensure that you succeed.




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