Content marketing is a huge part of an overall digital marketing strategy. It is a very large part of driving consumer engagement and being able to attract the attention of your potential audience. The downside to this is that now there are a lot of other companies jumping on the bandwagon. Because of this we need to work harder to stand out among the crowd. What marketers need to remember is that they should not be creating content just for the sake of content. Your content needs to be better than good because you need to aim to be leaders in your field rather than just following the flock.

Get Ahead With Content Marketing

Top Tips For Content Marketers

There is of course a difference between B2C and B2B marketing but I’m pretty sure that the incident tips below you will find useful in either scenario.

  • Remember that the best kind of marketing is when the customer doesn’t actually feel like they’re being sold too.Your content needs to hold value to the potential audience. You want to make sure that you’re gently guiding your customers in the direction of a sale rather than ‘telling them’ to buy.


  • Do not create thin content. You want to aim for your work to be in the thousand plus words category. However it is quite important to remember that you should never be waffling. By this I mean do not push for the thousand words just for the sake of it. If you can get your message across clearly and efficiently in 600 words then so be it.


  • It is essential to create buyer personas before you build your content. Building personas is the only way that your research will truly be properly targeted. It will give you the best idea of what your target market is really looking for. The content you create can then be truly tailor-made to your audience requirements.


  • Marketers need to be empathetic. Marketers really need to think carefully about who your target market is. For instance if you’re target market is for over 50s life insurance then consider that your target market are going to all be over 50. Because of this consider perhaps making the font slightly bigger on the website as some of these people may be visually impaired. Think what will make your audience life easier.


  • Make sure you blog frequently. Constantly putting valuable content up on your website will help you build your audience and gain a loyal following.I don’t personally believe that there is a magic number however set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Whether that be daily, every three days or weekly just make sure that you are able to commit to that. Personally I would recommend that you never go below fortnightly blog posts.


  • Share your own content to your followers. Make sure that your website is using some sort plug-in that enables you to have easily visible social sharing buttons. Sharing your content on social media is extremely important. Sharing increases the chances of your content being re-shared by industry influencers. Hence the tip before about ensuring the content is always of a market leading quality.


  • Utilise ads on the social media networks to seriously amplify the audience for your content. With the correct targeting £10-£15 can go a very long way for brand building. Never underestimate the power of brand building through Social Media channels.


  • Use content syndication where possible. Your content is then pushed to a brand-new audience that may never have heard of you before. This can also help drive referral traffic to your website.


  • Make sure you have a content strategy in place from the outset. By having a documented strategy in place you can remain a lot more focused on your targets.


  • Try and include your influencers in your content. Reference their previous work by linking back to them. Once you have posted your content reach out to them via social media or email. Eventually your influences will get a feel for the type of person you are and will take you and your content more seriously. Warning: Do not be too intense, keep it respectful and at a distance or they will soon get annoyed by it.


  • Make sure you employ the basics rules of Conversion Rate Optimisation. Take into account everything from visuals, well thought out headings and the well placed call to action.
  • Do not just write about trending topics. You want your content to have longevity, make sure it is going to provide value for some time to come. Of course write about trending topics where it is relevant, but don’t focus all your content just on trends.

I have found that by sticking to these tips has helped many clients get a good foothold in front of their target audiences. The top priority I would say above everything else is rule 1. Don’t actively sell using your content but provide great value. Stick with that and you won’t go far wrong.